We are the world's most experienced company in IT Complexity Management, by far. We were writing white papers and books, evangelizing for IT simplification, patenting ground breaking complexity management methodologies, and consulting with major organizations while other consulting groups were barely able to spell complexity.

Now we are taking our fifteen years of experience and packaging it together into an all encompassing IT complexity management strategy that can help you build IT systems that are cheaper, more reliable, more secure, and better aligned to the business needs.

We call this package our IT Simplification Initiative, or ITSI™. Whether you are building for the cloud or self-supported platforms, ITSI will transform how you build IT systems.

ITSI Delivers

The typical multi-million dollar IT project can reduce its complexity by 50% using the patented ITSI approach. What does this mean?

  • Reliability is increased by 50% (fewer outages lasting less time impacting less of your IT landscape).
  • Security is increased by 50% (fewer points of attack, easier detection, and faster recovery).
  • Delivery costs are reduced by 50% (lower cost per functional unit).
  • Time to delivery is reduced by 50% (milestones are delivered faster).
  • Maintenance costs are reduced by 50% (faster, cheaper maintenance).
  • Business alignment is improved by 50% (greater business satisfaction).

 Your ITSI Package Includes

  • Training videos: twelve modules, each with a lecture, quiz, and project that constitutes a complete training program in Complexity Analytics and the ITSI methodology.
  • Licenses to our patented methodology and algorithms that will guide you in slashing complexity from your IT systems.
  • Tools for measuring and tracking complexity at every step in the project life-cycle.
  • Executive briefings that will show  exactly how a complexity management strategy will pay huge dividends in better and more reliable IT systems.
  • Sample Documentation, that shows how to document and track the major complexity factors in your software systems.
  • Organizational recommendations on project structure and personnel organization.
  • Video consulting support by the world's most knowledgeable experts on complexity management.

Eight Reasons ITSI Is Best

  1. ITSI is the only complexity management approach focused exclusively on IT complexity and the problems it causes.
  2. ITSI is the only complexity management approach grounded in the mathematics of complexity.
  3. ITSI is the only complexity management approach that includes precise metrics that forecast complexity related problems before they occur.
  4. ITSI is the only complexity management approach ever granted a U.S. patent.
  5. ITSI is the only complexity management approach that is completely vendor, language, and platform neutral.
  6. ITSI is the only complexity management approach that is based on a minimum of consulting support and a maximum of knowledge transfer.
  7. ITSI is the only complexity management approach that can validate an architecture before it is implemented.
  8. ITSI is the only complexity management approach that can measure its own success.

Two Flavors of ITSI

Enterprise ITSI

Enterprise ITSI is most appropriate for oganizations who have made IT simplicity a corporate priority. It is the most cost effective approach to managing complexity in every IT system in your ecosystem. Enterprise ITSI includes:

  • Video training for up to 75 students per year. 
  • Unlimited use of intellectual property throughout your organization.
  • 240 hours of video consulting per year.
  • Terms: Annual Licensing
  • Annual cost: $119,000. (USD)

Project ITSI

Project ITSI is most appropriate for organizations who want to try ITSI before making an enterprise committment. The recommended project size is $5M-$40M. Such projects are ideally suited to demonstrate the high value ITSI provides in the shortest time possible. Project ITSI includes:

  • Video training for up to 15 students per project.
  • Use of intellectual property limited to one defined project.
  • 120 hours of video consulting per project.
  • Terms: One upfront fee for the project regardless of project length.
  • Project cost: $56,000. (USD)

Watch the ITSI video for a ten minute Introduction to ITSI. Click <here>.

IT Simplicity starts with an ITSI step. Are you ready to talk? Contact us today!

Respecting our Intellectual Property

If you understand the mathematics of IT simplification, you know the ITSI algorithms for driving simplicity and the ITSI metrics for measuring complexity are the only mathematically grounded approaches to dealing with complexity. Because of this, both our algorithms and our metrics are protected by a very strong U.S. patent (U.S. Patent 7,756,735). Use of these algorithms and/or metrics by any organization without a license is a violation of U.S. Patent Law and is just plain wrong. But an ITSI license gives you access to these valuable algorithms and metrics. If you throw in our ITSI training package, you have a cost effective way to train people in using these algorithms and metrics to their maximum advantage. Add in our consulting package, and we guide you every step of the way.