We work with consulting organizations around the world to offer a full complement of services relating to IT Complexity Management. If you have a problem with IT Complexity and delivering large IT systems, there are ways we can help. Which of these would you like to consider?


We have a huge amount of information about managing IT complexity on our web site. We don't think you will find a comparable collection even close to this anyplace else. That's because no other organization has our experience understanding and managing complexity. We are the world's leading experts on Complexity Analytics and we believe in making our expertise available to all. Just click on our Library Tab to peruse our collection.

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Executive Briefings

Your executives understand the problems IT is having. They know the cost of system downtime. The understand the relationship between IT agility and business agility. And they are painfully aware of the costs associated with security breaches. What they don't know is what they can do about these issues.

We can help. All of these issues and more are the classic symptoms of a treatable  disease: IT Complexity. Complexity Analytics offers a cure. We have the analytical tools to measure complexity  the procedures to eliminate it, and the preventative measures to keep it from coming back.

Less complexity means less downtime, greater support for business agility, and reduced risks of costly security breaches.

Any effective Complexity Management Initiative must start at the executive level. Give us one hour with your top executive team. We will teach them more about complexity in that hour than they could have imagined. We will open their eyes to an entirely new way of thinking about the business value of simplicity and the relationship between IT and the business.

Complexity Analytics Workshops

We offer workshops on IT Complexity Analytics. It will give you a much better understanding about the issues surrounding IT complexity and give your IT architects some effective coping strategies. This workshop will help them build simpler, more reliable, more secure systems that will require much less maintenance down the road.

We can bring this workshop in house or you may find a convenient public workshop.

Complexity Architectural Audits

We can audit proposed architectures for unnecessary complexity. Since very few architects are trained in complexity management, it is highly likely than any architecture you are considering for a large system has considerable unnecessary complexity. You will pay for this complexity in high costs, missed milestones, poor system reliability, and security failures.

Let us audit the architecture before you start implementation. Our recommendations will save a great deal of unnecessary cost and problems further down the line.

Complexity System Audits

If you are a typical organization, you are dealing with a maze of systems that are plagued by complexity problems. Are you struggling to address any of these issues?

  • Systems that go down often and are hard to recover.
  • Systems that are difficult or impossible to modify to adjust to new business needs.
  • Systems that are vulnerable to security incursions.

If you answer to these is "yes", then you are probably fighting a losing battle against complexity. The battle against complexity is a battle you can't win. 

We can help. We can do a system audit looking for "complexity knots." Complexity knots are areas of concentrated complexity that are causing complexity related problems and can sometimes be removed by relatively easy architectural excisions or readjustments. There is no guarantee, sometimes these knots are so tightly interwoven into your overall IT ecosystem that removing them is too costly. But it is  worth a look. At the very least, you will have a better understanding of which areas of your system are driving the majority of your maintenance costs.

Simplicity Driven Architectural Design

In the long run,it is much better to build systems that are architected correctly in the first place than to try to fix them up later. It is more cost effective for you and more satisfying for us. The best time to bring us in is at the very beginning, when you are just starting to think about your new system.

Whichever of these we can help you with, the first step is pretty simple. Contact us! Click on the tabs About Us/Contact Us and we'll schedule a preliminary discussion of your needs.