What happened to ObjectWatch?

I (Roger) started ObjectWatch more than 15 years ago. It has been a wonderful run, but recently I have been looking at two factors.

First, the name ObjectWatch was originally chosen because I was at that time focusing on Distributed Object Technology. For the last ten years, I have been focusing more and more on the problem of IT Complexity. So the name is no longer relevant and even sounds somewhat anachronistic.

Second, while almost everything I have published was published under the title of CEO of ObjectWatch, it is obvious that the name ObjectWatch has not achieved high recognition. On the other hand, although I didn't plan it this way, the name Roger Sessions has achieved very high recognition. From a marketing perspective, it makes sense to leverage the name with the higher recognition.

For both of these reasons, ObjectWatch Inc. is no longer. We are now Roger Sessions, Inc.

But you will still see the name ObjectWatch in the papers and blogs dating before March 2015. Don't be surprised!